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Huang Ti 黄帝
Master Chiao Chang-Hung.jpg
Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung 乔长虹大师
Master Chin Chen Yen.jpg
Master Chin Chen Yen
Tiny (1).png
Master Huamea Lefiti
Copy of master pan.gif
Master Pan Wing Chou 潘詠周师父
Copy of hsu hong-chi.jpg
Master Hsi Hong Chi 
Master Ralph Shun.jpg
Master Ralph Shun
 拉尔夫• 顺(英译)大师    

Master James McNeil


The following is a list of James W. McNeil’s internal martial arts education:


1966 – 1973

Studied under Master Haumea (Tiny) Lefiti. Obtained the highest degree Black Belt given at that time for Splashing Hands fighting techniques.    

1973 – 1977
Studied under Sifu Ralph Shun learning southern style Shaolin Five Animals, Wing Chun, Iron Hand and weapons. Obtained the rank of Master Instructor in June, 1976    


1977 – 1984
Studied under Master Hsu Hong-Chi in Taipei, Taiwan. Received extensive training in the arts of Chi-Kung and Hsing-I. Was also taught Tui-Na, Acupressure massage, Taoist sexual techniques and meditation. Obtained a 4th degree Black belt in Hsing-I in 1983.    


1984 – 1987
Studied under Sifu Chin Chen-Yen in Taipei, Taiwan. Trained in Tzu Men-Chuan system (Poison Fingers) and advanced training in Iron Hand.    


1983 – 1996
Studied under Master Pan Wing-Chow, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1983. Trained in Chen style Tai-Chi.    


1983 – 2001
Master Chiao Chang-Hung, Taipei, Taiwan. Receiving advanced training in Little Nine Heaven Kung-Fu consisting of fighting, sword and Shih-Shui Kung.    
Taught Pa-Kua and advanced Hsing-I. Further training in Taoist Sexual techniques and high levels of Chi-Kung and Nei-Kung therapy, along with advanced Meditation.    


James McNeil has obtained the following degrees in clinical hypnotherapy:


Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1988    
Bachelor of Science Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1989    
Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1990    

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