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Little Nine Heaven INC.

"Little Nine Heaven Inc.’s mission is to preserve, and protect the knowledge of Master James McNeil who is the sole authorized lineage holder of several systems of Kung Fu, including Splashing Hands, Little Nine Heaven, Iron Hand, and Pa Kua.


These systems of Kung Fu offer advanced fighting techniques and internal-based health practices, some dating back to 2698 BC. The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System is the oldest known Taoist system.


Master James McNeil has been authorized by his own teachers to pass on this knowledge, and to teach these ancient systems, to future generations.  

Little Nine Heaven Inc.’s role is to help preserve the purity of this knowledge, so that decades from now, Master McNeil’s teachings
and those of his predecessors will be available in their pure and original form to students and seekers."

Mission Statement:


Little Nine Heaven is the oldest Taoist system that is known today, dating back to 2698BC. The mission of this tax-exempt organization is to preserve and protect the purity of the Little Nine Heaven knowledge for future generations.  In this regard, Little Nine Heaven Inc. is a resource for those that wish to find qualified teachers and does not sell merchandise or teach students directly.



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Little Nine Heaven Inc is a tax exempt, Section 501(c)(3) entity that collects donations to be used to fulfill its mission. It is a Delaware non-stock corporation with an IRS EIN 822791646. To support the organization, please make a donation (tax deductible to the extent allowed law).

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